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Bringing It All Together: Unifying the Brand Across Permanent Installations, Trade Shows and Experiential Media

Unified branding

Today’s world is completely immersive.

Because of this, marketing teams are challenged with balancing the use of familiar brand elements across more media channels than ever before. Brands that are spot-on with their look and feel are able to be instantly identifiable without the presence of a logo. Recognition is the brass ring that marketers should be striving for when creating branded assets — from permanent installations to trade shows to experiential events and accompanying campaign material.

Participants should feel as if they are guests of the brand when they visit — much like the hospitality they feel when visiting a family friend. The goal is for visitors to innately know, “Yes, I’m in the right place.” This is especially true with experiential environments, where a lot is usually going on. If a brand’s personality shines through and familiar elements are used, your guests will feel welcomed — which is a positive start to an activation.

To accomplish this level of brand personality, you have to be disciplined in sticking to brand guidelines. Although they typically elicit eye rolls and groans, “brand police” routinely save well-intentioned creatives from themselves. They have to stay strong and not let teams put their own stamp on assets. Remember branded environments are not your home — whether or not you like the brand color palette isn’t the point. As difficult as it can be, you shouldn’t deviate from the elements that define the brand, such as colors, fonts and graphics. When brands don’t stay consistent, it absolutely shows — and the result, which can easily come off as amateurish or worse, misses the mark in attracting guests.

In a recent blog post, we discussed the importance of brand consistency, especially when you are using new textures and surfaces in your environments. Make recognition your barometer and ask yourself, “If there were no logo, would members of our target audience still know that we were the brand?”

If the answer to this question is “yes,” mission accomplished. Should you need a hand getting there, reach out to our expert team. We’re here to help!

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