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Environmental Design Case Study: First Florida Credit Union

First Florida "after" photos

We recently had the pleasure of working with First Florida Credit Union to brand their flagship branch in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The project turned out to be a great example of what often happens with environmental design projects. When First Florida reached out to us, they had seen the frosted graphics on glass office walls that we had installed in another credit union and wanted to do something similar in their new corporate office space. After visiting First Florida’s space and meeting with them, we introduced the idea of more extensive branding in their space. Our proposed vision inspired them to invite us to brand a newly constructed branch immediately. The end result included a broad range of branding elements, and ironically the frosted glass element was kept to a minimum.


A key goal was to make sure that their new environment reflected the look and feel of their brand and marketing initiatives. The team agreed that it was important that members would encounter familiar colors and graphical elements from their website and print collateral when they entered the branch.


Because this was a customer-facing area, we introduced elements that included functional art in public spaces such as wall graphics displaying the credit union’s values and services — as well as photos of some of the people that First Florida serves.


One of the things that I especially enjoyed about this project was the ability to see the newly constructed space in its finished form — from pre-branding to post-branding. This illustrated how the right environmental design can take a space that looks complete and elevate it to the next level, showcasing the organization’s personality and making it their space, not just a credit union space.

First Florida "before" photos

Next, we will resume our efforts on the original project — branding First Florida’s corporate offices. We will continue to maintain the look and feel that has been established in their branch and will expand the messaging to include content focused on the internal team and the importance of their role in serving their members. 

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