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Experience Is Everything

Experience Is Everything

Brands deliver an experience to clients with every interaction. This means that it’s literally impossible to not leave an impression.

The question is: how positive, powerful and managed can that brand experience be? If you aren’t asking this question regularly, the answer is probably “not powerful enough, not positive enough and not managed enough.”

In today’s ultra connected world, the scrutiny of sales pursuits, event fulfillment and post-mortem evaluations are no longer the only drivers of client loyalty and advocacy. There’s also the end-to-end experience you deliver and how well you deliver it — along with how well the experience meets the brand’s ever-changing emotional wants and needs.

Understanding that the complete experience is important is not exactly ground breaking news. We’ve known for some time that clients are generous in providing clues about what they need. It can be tricky balancing the overarching experience of an event with the many minor details involved and maintaining consistency throughout the elements. When there is a disconnect and everything doesn’t gel, it negatively impacts the experience.

At Dimension Design, we partner with many of the IT List Agencies and Fab 50 Builders as an idea partner and design collaborator. Whether our contribution is visual, structural or content, we have the ability to look at a project, see what’s not there and figure out a solution that restores the feeling of control over an event. When you are planning a grand-scale brand experience, it is key to partner with an expert that will cross the finish line with you. We do that every day. Let us help you ensure that your next brand experience is positive, powerful and well-managed. Email me at cmcneal@dimensiondesign.com and give us a chance to show you what The Art of How is all about.

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