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Putting Your Brand in Focus: Exploring Vinyl Media and Striking Graphics

Exterior Graphics

In sharp contrast to the customers of yesteryear, today’s consumers can be elevated into fans — some even forming communities around products and services. In addition, interaction has never been more active — today’s fans truly experience the brands that they come into contact with.

Conceptually, it might seem that print media is an exception to this newfound immersiveness. Not so.

In the last ten years, visual branding elements have come a long way. The mainstreaming of grand format printing has not only made dramatic graphics a reality, but has also put them within reach of brands that aren’t among familiar icons.

So the question becomes not if a brand should use bold graphics, but instead how and where to communicate with their audiences.

Interior Graphics


Beyond marketing and sales enablement tools, some of the items that we routinely see having graphics applied to them include:

  • Cars, trucks, vans and boats
  • Interior and exterior walls: drywall and glass
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Sidewalks
  • Exterior props
  • Hard surface furniture

All of these surfaces have the ability to display an organization's culture by combining architecture, signage and graphics. These areas become a unique workspace, which builds individuality and distinguishes brands from their competitors’. Done well, the design will blend themes, icons, words, places, products and services into a cohesive environment (or should I say message?).

Having been in this space for more than 15 years, I often share words of wisdom on the ins and outs of wide format vinyl media with clients who are new to this brand execution. After having wrapped almost every type of item that isn’t breathing, I have also learned a lot of secrets to employ and mistakes to avoid along the way. Some things to consider when choosing the right vinyl for the job:

  • Will the installation be indoors or outdoors?
  • Is the paint original (especially for vehicles)?
  • When was the item last painted?
  • What type of paint was used?
  • Was paint low-VOC (volatile organic compound) or no-VOC?
  • Is there surface damage that may impact adhesiveness?
  • Is there any other sort of existing surface preparation to consider?
  • Are the walls interior, exterior or one-side interior, one-side exterior?
  • What is the surface made of?
  • If glass is being covered, is privacy needed?
  • Are there other branding elements that need to match the vinyl color, such as carpet or fabric?
  • How long is the installation going to be used (permanently, seasonally or for an event)?
  • Is the project budget-sensitive?

Once the specs have been decided, the sky’s the limit. We have seen truly spectacular graphics completely transform space into amazing environments and items of all shapes and sizes. The real question is how big is your brand’s imagination?

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