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Immersing clients in imaginative environments.

Environment Services

We deliver custom environments and results — on time and on budget.

At Dimension Design, innovation is a result of vision. As specialists in environmental graphic design, we showcase your brand in commercial work spaces with specialized media and graphics, lighting, other impactful effects and efficient installation methods.

Computer generated metal/fabric templates and computer numerical control (CNC) cutting technology guide precise production and minimize waste. Our digital print technology, dye-sublimation and vinyl printers and inks produce the vibrant graphics we’re known for while achieving GREENGUARD Certification for emission standards.

The use of lightweight materials also reduces cargo space and fuel consumption during shipping throughout the structure’s lifecycle. Our ’blue’ fabric is made from 100%-recycled materials. This fabric conserves natural resources and reduces energy consumption by 61,000 BTUs per pound of fabric.

Holistic Planning

Engineering excellence

Translating vision into a unique environment requires the perfect blend of knowledge, imagination and collaboration. Our engineers leverage all three to ensure that every solution is sound, smart and cost effective. When inspiration is added to the project, the Dimension Design difference quickly rises to the top.

environmental branding design

Striking the right tone

The heart of every environment is the visual branding. Graphics, AV, lighting and more must gel to deliver a clear message that activates the audience. Add digital content from physical Web accessories to integrate marketing channels and personalize the experience. Offline or online, there is no substitute for a visual presence created by Dimension Design.

Holistic Planning

Assembling the dream

Assembly is the critical moment when the environment becomes a reality. Knowledge and skill mold design, engineering and raw components into a setting that showcases the brand and elevates the experience for each guest. Because perfection is the expectation, you can expect Dimension Design to be perfect.

Holistic Planning

Innovation on site

Our On-Site Services teams can guide installation and dismantling, and make last-minute adjustments — large and small. Our tiered services allow for a customized approach to event support — based on the environment’s complexity, local labor pool, state regulations, set time and more. Having us lead third-party labor can save time and budget too. When it really counts, count on Dimension Design.