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For rent: Innovative experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Rental Services

Own the results of your environment without owning all the parts.

When it comes to creating an amazing environment on a tight timeline and budget, Dimension Design delivers. We provide affordable, high-quality rental solutions that lower the total cost of ownership. Saving money and space doesn't have to be a stretch of the imagination. Dimension Design's rental program is the answer.

Our designers create these high quality structures to be adaptable for different environments and optimize their versatility. By putting our rental program to work, you'll be able to access classic and unique items, benefit from periodic refreshes, reduce operating costs while maintaining high quality and leverage solutions with custom looks — even while on a tight budget.

The result: You can leverage rental displays that leave a lasting impression — without the long-term commitment. Our rental program includes the following:


  • Classic or unique
  • Program builds
  • Scheduled refreshes


  • White
  • Program
  • Printed


  • Single invoice
  • Reusable boxes w/return labels
  • Onsite supervision option